H O W   T O   S E T   U P   A N D   R U N   A   H U N G E R   G A M E S   R P

Below the cut, you will find a guide to setting up and running a Hunger Games based roleplay. Please note that there is not a right or wrong way to do this. This guide only explains one of several ways to create a Hunger Games-esque roleplay.

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This guide will only cover what the content should cover. It will not include what theme, graphics, or face claims that should be used. 

What pages should I have?

There are various pages that a roleplay main page should have. A Hunger Games based roleplay is no exception to this and should include the following pages:

  • Rules
  • Submit
  • Masterlist
  • Navigation
  • Characters
  • Extended Plot
  • Application Account
There are a few other pages that are suggested that a Hunger Games roleplay should have. Some of these pages can be combined into a few pages instead of a one for each that’s listed.
  • TImeline
  • Information
  • Posted Prompts
  • About the Arena
  • About this Year’s Game
  • General information about Panem

A Warning

Most of the Hunger Games roleplays that have been created in the past never seemed to have a warning for potential triggering content. It would be a great idea to have a warning somewhere on the main page [such as the extended plot, rules, or another important page]. The reason as to why a warning should be posted somewhere on the page that will be seen by people is to warn them about the content that the roleplay will entail. Since this genre of roleplays are about people killing one another, it would be a good idea to include a warning for the following things.

  • Gore
  • Blood
  • Death
  • Fighting
It could possibly be a good idea to also warn about depressive content since most of the characters were probably just taken from their home and are realizing that they’re probably going to die within the next few days/weeks.

What’s that ‘timeline’ thing you mentioned earlier?

A timeline page would be helpful for the members to know when events will take place. I don’t mean when they’ll take time in roleplay time, I mean in real time. Chances are that for a Hunger Games roleplay that is centered around the actual games, each day in the arena will stretch over several real days in order for the members to get their tasks submitted. The timeline should/could be a page that helps give the members an idea of how long each event/prompt will be running for and when certain things will take place. An example of what I mean can be found below:

  • Week 1: The Reaping
  • Week 2: The Chariots
  • Week 3: Group/Individual Training
  • Week 4: The Interviews
  • Week 5: The Games Begin [Day 1]
  • Week 6: The Games [Day 2]
The timeline would carry on with a similar idea. All of the events don’t have to be a week, but that was to just give you a general idea of how you can potentially arrange it.

What would be put on that ‘information’ page?

The information is a page that would contain necessary information that the members should read in order to make the roleplay realistic. This page should contain information that you have done some research on or at least link to reliable resource pages that aren’t just from wikipedia.

Some information that can be listed on that page are fighting techniques, how to use certain weapons, survival skills, how wounds affect the tributes, and more.

This will help your members to understand that their character is not invincible like they might think they are. It can help open their eyes to how people had to survive in certain kind of locations. Like what berries to eat, where to sleep, obtain clean water, and what not.


For each event/day in roleplay time, it would be ideal to have one prompt that the members would write a para to. In each prompt, it could describe what the character was doing and how they interacted with the other tributes. If an alliance is formed between two or more tributes, then they should discuss what each character does in the group so they all have a general idea.

These prompts wouldn’t be the only interaction that the tributes go through, they can also experience other times through paras instead of throwing everything into the prompt and only posting then.

Character Deaths

There are several ways that you can go about killing off the tributes. Some of the ones that I’ve seen before are listed below.

  • Request form
  • Viewing the odds
  • Inactivity of a character
  • Discussing with a member
When allowing members to request for their characters to kill another, you 
musttell the other member that their character is going to be killed off and by who. This way, the two members can discuss the killing together and write the response to the prompt and have corresponding settings.

When viewing the odds of a tribute being killed off, you’d have to keep in mind their age, district, strengths, and weaknesses. You should not play favorites when you’re matching up the odds. For example, say there’s a 13 year old from District 12, what are the chances of them being able to successfully kill an 18 year old from District 2? Chances are, the tribute from D2 would win that fight unless it’s under certain circumstances.

When a character/member becomes inactive past the inactivity limit, then is the time to kill off their character. Say the inactivity limit is 5 days and someone has been inactive for 6 days. Unless the member had asked for a hiatus or spoke with the admin of the roleplay, then they should be removed from the roleplay and their character should be up for a kill in the next prompt that’s posted.

You can also go about killing characters by having a discussion between two characters or so. This way, both parties can agree on terms of one of their characters being killed by the other. 

If you choose to kill off a character, you should message the member and let them know that their character is going to be killed off, but this shouldn’t discourage them if they were planning on reapplying in the future if you decide to run a second Games.

How would I go about the sponsors?

When allowing sponsors to aid a tribute in the areana, most people use a point system or an ask system.

The point system is where members earn points via a kill, well written prompt, or their friends messaging the main saying “I’d like to sponsor Katniss Everdeen in this year’s game” or something of the sorts. When a character earns a certain amount of points, they’ll be able to exchange them for an item or pack from a list that contains things with their prices.

The ask system is also very similar to the point system that I’ve described earlier. The only difference between the two systems is that instead of earning point, a member’s friend would send an ask to the main page saying “I’d like to sponsor Peeta Mellark with a loaf of bread.” If you decide to go with this method, it’s recommended that you only accept sponsor messages from people who are not on anonymous. This way the members won’t be sending in a parade of messages that are saying that they’d like to sponsor their own character and give them benefits.

If there is more things that you would like to know about for running/setting up a Hunger Games roleplay, feel free to ask. I believe I covered the confusing bits, but I might have forgotten a thing or two. Hopefully this helps improve your Hunger Games roleplays, and May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!

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